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We Are The No.1 British VIP Host Company in #Vegas!

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High Roller Services


Luxury hotel suites & penthouse appartments.


Models to party with you.


Private security everywhere you go


Personal photographer to be with you throughout your trip.


What makes L2V different from the rest?

There are many reasons as to what makes us different, firstly that we are based in Vegas not just for a couple of months not just for the summer but we are here & open 365 nights of the year.

We are also the ONLY English VIP Independent hosts in Las Vegas. Our clients love the fact they can deal with people that they can familiarise with. We know exactly what you want, as we have spent years partying in Vegas, we know what tables you would want and we know what clubs & pools are the best.

How can you guarantee nothing will go wrong on our trip?

Unlike other vip services in Vegas, our connections are with the VIP Directors or actual Managing Partners of the nightclubs and pool parties, this way we can guarantee the best and most honest price aswell as No.1 table location available for your budget. With our service there will not be any waiting in any 'table line', which is usually around 30 - 45min wait as we personally make sure you are escorted straight into the nightclub by ourselves.

Is it affordable?

Of course, our clients range from A list celebrities to your everyday hard working person looking to do it big for one week, with our amazing connections we are extremely competitive in our pricing. We have a wide range of services and will cater accordingly to suit your budget and needs.


Are you the best man and the pressure is on you?

Something that we seriously take pride in is our ability and skills in creating the most EPIC Vegas stag trips, with arranging over 2,000 UK to Vegas stag trips (and counting) we can comfortably say we are No.1 in this field. Here at L2V we are always thinking outside of the box to make sure the Stag goes home with some incredible memories which he may or may not want to forget!

What do we need to know?

There are only 2 things we ask from you before turning up to a club in Vegas.

Dress Smart

Bring your I.D.!


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